Our Culture

We Offer Friendship with

Personal and Professional Growth


  • Our meetings are held before the normal business day’s start.  Thus, you do not interrupt your day.  After the meetings, our members are ready to get going.


  • In a medium-size club such as ours, everyone gets to know everyone else and establish a networking bond.


  • Everyone has a chance to be involved in every project.


  • You are encouraged to visit other Rotary Clubs.  This provides an even larger base of networking.


  • We provide an opportunity for personal growth in team building, public speaking, etc.  Our district provides training such as PETS (President Elect Training), made up of two days of intensive training.  Rotary Leadership Institute made up of three half-day classes for all members who want to improve their leadership skills


  • Rotary provides an avenue to give back to the community and the world.


  •  In short, most people join Rotary for the fellowship and networking and end up staying for the chance to be of service in the community and internationally.